I work with a crypto project and have never discussed the price of the token.

I mean, to be frank, I haven’t spoken with anyone on the team about it once. Not even a “did you see that” mention of the price, NOTHING.

I’m not saying this to brag, actually… I guess I am a bit.

This is my first opportunity with a web3 crypto project so I don’t have much to compare to from personal experience. That being said with all the shilling that is constantly thrown in our direction in the crypto space, I have some assumptions that this is not the norm.

To get to my point..

Instead of discussing the price of our $MONA token, there is a culture of hustling and building. There seems to be no time to speculate when building is the main priority.

Our team took a 0% developer allocation upon the initial distribution and our project maintains complete financial transparency.
Latest Transparency Report)

At times this has not been the sexiest option and it's hard freaking work.

Do we have aspirations to be a top project? Of Course, we do. But we don’t get there by discussing how to raise the price of our token, that's called shilling.